Humans is a project of a interactiv video-installation wich uses a system of ultrasound sensors connected to Arduino, an open source electronics prototyping platform.
The data, transmitted by the sensors, vary in accordance with the distance of the spectators from the three projections and are sent to processing, a software correlated to Arduino wich codifies and converts them into the variations of images and sounds. The sounds are quite “particular”: actually they derive from registrations made by an italian rheumatologist in order toidentify alterations of the vertebral structure in his patients.
Vibrations wich revealing the movements of vertebras and bones when a movement is being made, in the case of the installation, during a walk.
The intent is to bring out, to show the invisibility of the human body, wich can’t be perceived with our 5 senses:the inaudible sounds and… the invisible images of human beings: our energetic field and the imperceptible noises of our body, in the specific case, the one of our vertebras and bones.
The spectators inside the installation will get into “contact” with thevideoprojected people.
The videos have been built through the assembling of several photos shot in sequence, postproducted and then cross-faded,
to recreate the effect of walking.